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Many developments sprouting from the hotbed in recent years have generated considerable interest among professionals within our regional network. This gave us the idea of opening up our existing solutions as white label products to commercial partners.
On this page we’ll host a growing range of pay-as-you-go solutions which both online professionals and advertising agencies can easily integrate with their existing infrastructure as well as their own developments.

Mobile Tickets, Coupuns and Vouchers for Smartphones

Convenient digital receipts using the prestigious Apple PassKit format for Mobile Wallets

Frequent travellers will most likely already be familiar with the benefits: The versatile Apple passes for smartphones have been adopted by a variety of major airlines (such as United or Lufthansa), retailers, and coffee chains (think Starbucks), as well as by parcel services or as loyalty cards.
However, as demonstrated by some of the clumsy pass programs on offer today, implementing the manufacturer’s standards properly is far from trivial ‑ even for the large corporations mentioned above. That’s why we’re particularly proud to offer you full server-side implementation of Apple’s reference specification, readily available as a web service with cross-platform support.
While iOS and Windows Mobile both support the PassKit file format by default, a variety of free options exist for Android. After careful evaluation we recommend our customers use ‚Pass Wallet‘ from the British mobile software maker Above Mobile. That said, your clients will of course be free to adopt any Android app of their preference, if they haven’t done so already.

ProductApple PassKit Implementation  ( Software‑as‑a‑Service )
FeaturesCreation of personalised passes (incl. delayed export, e.g., after payment), alternative print export, pass update endpoint, remote push updates (currently for iOS and Android only; Touch BlackBerry upon individual evaluation), beacon-initiated activation, individual design, activation of NFC features upon request
DeliveryRESTful; (WebService session available upon request) or as an individually pre-installed appliance
BillingDepending on volume, as a detailed all-in offer (e.g. for special events) or individual service agreement
OptionsMobile barcode scanners (sale/hire), Bluetooth beacon hardware (sale/hire), plug-ins for your content/product management infrastructure
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