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Digitising Just Your To-dos, NOT Your Hospitality

Serving Millennials à la ​ Urban HotCard

„Digital and mobile are eating restaurants! How brands connect with their guests will matter so much more in 2018 and beyond. Execution and consistency of service always WINS!“
— Jim Mizes, CEO of Blaze Pizza
Fan made of Urban HotCards: our branded demo cardHotCard pick-up slip: Chinese restaurantHotCard promotional voucher: traditional German restaurantUrban HotCard redemption using a laser scanner
Guests can scan the response code or receive their Urban HotCard via e-mail.

Mobile Revolution Reaches the F&B Industry

Start using ​Urban HotCard ​​
And achieve More Retention 
Of Customers On The Go

With the adoption of Apple PassKit and the design of Urban HotCard our experts have created a resilient F&B marketing tool:

  • Just distribute your branded Urban HotCard using e-mail, Facebook, your website or, to reach local customers on the spot, individually customised flyers and posters showing a QR code.
  • Customers get a personalised update, either on a scheduled day, at a particular time or when they come near your premises.
  • You decide for yourself when to turn on an offer to immediately activate more guests.
  • Apple PassKit as a technical platform ensures maximum compatibility across device brands — without the need to install an additional app.

Bonus  Use your own words on a date-sensitive Urban HotCard to advertise a special set meal deal.

beautiful „Lotus“ restaurant logo

Lotus Garden


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Intelligent Timing Establishes Stable Demand

How to excavate the hidden potential in a “crooked” sales curve

Do your sales go “crooked” from time to time !??  With almost every food business there are certain times of day ‒ or even entire days ‒ when fewer visitors than usual are to be expected. Especially for this purpose, we’ve created a new Urban HotCard version, to individually react to customer fluctuation.

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  • typical F&B sales over time
  • underused resources
Your New Sales Alarm
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Coupons in F&B Marketing

5 pages of proven tips from the experts

  • core principles, 
    PLUS detailed examples
  • for YOU to download, print and share freely
  • to be applied immediately
Download[ free, PDF 839kB ]Get a head start with the amazing opportunities which Urban HotCard provides for day-to-day business.

Practical Insights on Coupon Marketing

Don’t give away your ad budget

In recent years, the use of coupons as a promotional tool has probably earned just as many followers as it has lost in street cred due to issues with trustworthiness: voucher vendors who overpromise business benefits, while having a limited understanding of the financial implications of a coupon campaign on the budget of those embracing this new medium, has left a lot of scorched earth when it comes to the concept’s reputation.
Today, those still willing to take a dare and advertise with promotional coupons must go through a rigorous calculation and estimation process with regard to the implications of a campaign for their business’s positioning in the market. Or just leave this medium to the competition.
At Urban Hotbed, however, we firmly believe that there is no reason for the latter.
In the box on the right, we’ve collected several proven tips which, in our experience, significantly improve the odds of a pleasantly profitable outcome for a coupon campaign, while elegantly avoiding the most common pitfalls. All that’s left for you to do is the maths specific to your business… Need help ?  Give us a call.

Ask for a free demonstration now !
Simply ask for an appointment and we will guide you through new ways to make your guests drop by more often.

+49 6132 657476