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Urban Hotbed is steroids for urban life – a turbo boost to food outlets, local initiatives and digital service providers.
Waiter in a restaurant serving his guests a delicious pasta meal.

Hospitality: Mobile Marketing For Small Businesses

Almost 35 million of German cityzens rely on mobile devices to run their daily lives. We enable the “Mobile Many” to become your customers anywhere on the move.

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Local Newspaper: Allgemeine Zeitung – Tips & Trends from and around the kitchenSensor – Town magazine for Mayence
“Eine moderne Form der Kundenansprache mit lokalem Bezug für Gastronomie, Events und Einzelhandel sind Handy-Kundenkarten.”
dedica, 2/2015

Our Secret Sauce:

We focus on what we do best and leave the details to skilled specialists

At URBAN HOTBED we work hard to produce the latest online technology all year round.
For more than 10 years now, we’ve been helping our clients become early adopters of cutting-edge concepts like online video and Bluetooth beacons – concepts that later became the de facto standard for digital marketing. We are proud to continue providing you with the latest in Internet technology, nowadays with products like mobile vouchers or e-mail mark-up for eye-catching actions and highlights. Still known by some as expensive widgets used by large corporations, such as Starbucks, Lufthansa or Westin, they can be recreated by our expert team for businesses just like yours and run as reasonably priced hosted services.
That’s why even in these fast-moving times, as our valued client, you profit from direct access to the ever demanding “Mobile Many”, reaching far beyond “milliennials” or similar demographically limited target groups. Your newly gained digital service levels will astound your customers and competitors alike, while leaving you completely unburdened by risky technology investments.
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Fuel(stop) for Thought

Initial enthusiasm for e-mobility soon had to give way to more sceptical assumptions about the prospect of electric propulsion in private cars:
Who wants to spend six hours (or more…) in a container next to the motorway until the car is, as it were, “done” ⁈  Or how about a “weekend trip” to the next charging point ?
Our position paper on the – factually viable – operation of profitable urban charging points illustrates how many of the perceived disadvantages of electric cars mainly rely on presumptions stemming from the use of fuel-burning vehicles, rather than actual market requirements in the cities of today.

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